Visits & Guests

Sarah Bay-Cheng in residence
Dr. Sarah Bay-Cheng is currently in residence at Utrecht University for the fall 2015 as a Fulbright Scholar in American Studies and Theatre. As part of her residency, Bay-Cheng leading the initial sessions of the Media & Performance Graduate Research Seminar: Performing History in the Age of Digital Technology. This seminar is related to her research project, Digital History and Performance, which examines the intersection of digital technologies, historiography, and performance through comparisons of Dutch and American artists and museums.

Sarah Bay-Cheng is Professor of Theater at Bowdoin College (USA). She received her PhD from the University of Michigan in Theatre Studies with a secondary emphasis in Media. From 2005-2010 she was Professor of Theatre and Performance Studies at the University at Buffalo, New York (USA), where she served as the founding director for the Techne Institute in Arts and Emerging Technologies and the head of the graduate programs in Theatre & Performance Studies. For more than 10 years, Bay-Cheng has been a member of the Intermediality in Theatre and Performance working group, with whom she worked on the collaborative book project, Mapping Intermediality in Performance (2010).