Corporeal Literacies
Corporeal Literacies focuses on inquiries into the role of the body in the development of experience and meaning. Such questions play a key role in contemporary theatre and dance, but also have wide application in topics such as critical theory, cognitive science, gender studies, film and media studies, disability studies, and philosophy. Corporeal Literacies establishes a link between these developments within and outside the fields of theatre and dance.

Mobile Theatre / Research
Mobile Theatre/Research addresses how current developments in theatre drive research into theatre’s place and position in society, the form and significance of theatre, the function of theatre, and academic approaches (and the associated assessment criteria) to theatre. A large group of theatre makers and other artists opt to hold performances in various locations outside of designated theatre spaces. These artists often seek direct contact with a diverse range of audiences, create theatre with people who do not have a theatrical background, and/or take an approach that blurs the boundaries with other forms of art, media, and –at times– politics and social activism. This results in a diversity of new theatrical forms, combining various social and aesthetic motives. These developments are not only interesting as phenomena in and of themselves, but also because of how they link to current theoretical developments in the areas of cultural identity, popular culture, migration, and post-colonialism.

New Theatre’s Toolbox
New Theatre’s Toolbox is geared towards research into new theatricality within and outside the theatre. It concerns the description, analysis and theory of the theatrical principles and creative processes that characterize contemporary theatre and dance as well as theatre and theatricality as a means of perspective on developments outside the theatre (i.e. the theatricalization of life, the spectacle of the media, and politics). Keywords include visuality, intermediality, corporeality and performativity.