Intermediality in Theatre and Performance

The research working group Intermediality in Theatre and Performance was founded under auspices of the International Federation for Theatre Research in 1998. The current working group published Intermediality in Theatre and Performance, edited by Freda Chapple and Chiel Kattenbelt  (Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi, 2006) and Mapping Intermediality in Performance, edited by Sarah Bay-Cheng, Chiel Kattenbelt, Andy Lavender and Robin Nelson (Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2010). As the name of the working group and their book implies, group members examine theatre and performance in the context of other media from an intermedial perspective. Working from the idea that theatre provides the staging space for intermedial performances, the group examines the proliferation of texts, medial spaces and intermedial relationships created when the live medium of theatre and the performing arts intersect with cinema, television and, in particular, digital technology.

Mapping Intermediality in Performance (2010)
With contributions of several members of the group and guest authors, including members of our academic staff, this book discusses emerging themes and concepts, connected with each other as nodes and portals in a network, and encourages a deeper understanding of intermediality in performance, in particular with regards to performance in today’s digital culture. Mapping Intermediality in Performance traces the multiple interrelationships and transformational interplays between digital media and the performance arts. The book approaches these movement through five portals: performativity and the body; time and space; digital culture and posthumanism; networks; pedagogy and praxis. These portals in turn provide access to a range of related nodes: modes of experience, dimensions, actuality-virtuality and interrelations. These nodes are clusters of theoretical key concepts and ‘instances’ of praxis; the practices range from  internationally operating companies, makers and events (The Builders Association, Castelluci, Castorg, Gob Squad, Lepage, Second Life and VJing) to insiders’ perspectives based on practice-based research. See Amsterdam University Press’ pages for more information.

Play / Perform / Participate (2015)
The ISIS conference Play / Perform / Participate, is mentioned in the Dutch theatre journal TheaterMaker. You can find it here.