2011 & 2012

ENG May 21, 2012 – City Tracks. Don’t Mind the Map Springdance Festival, Utrecht
A one day conference on performance in the city and the city as performance. A joint venture of Theatre Studies and Festival a/d Werf.
How do we act in the city? Who owns and authors the city? Where and when does the city truly become a public space‚ and what role do artistic interventions play in re-thinking the city?
City Tracks presents these and other questions to philosophers, practitioners, and participants.
With contributions by philosopher Gijs van Oenen, theatre makers Stefan Kaegi (curator of Ciudades Paralelas/Parallel Cities) and Floris van Delft (Dat Staat), journalist Robbert van Heuven, architect Iris Schutten, urban geographer Jan van Duppen, designer of public space Werner de Feijter, Rainer Hofmann, artistic director of Festival a/d Werf, Occupy Utrecht, Stichting EetMee, Stichting Tijdelijk Wonen (STW), AL16, Metroprop en Gilde Utrecht. See this page as well.

ENG September 8 & 9, 2011 – Lectures and seminars Not ‘Just Theatre’
Theatre Festival TF in Amsterdam and Theatre Studies at Utrecht University jointly present a lecture programme and seminar session with three prominent guests from from the international field: researchers Helen Freshwater (Birkbeck College, London) and Branislav Jakovljevic (Stanford University, USA) and economist / theatre director Bojan Jablanovec (Via Negativa, Slovenia).
Not ‘Just Theatre’ critically engages with the complex relationships between theatrical staging and the performativity of real life. Something that is staged is easily rejected as ‘just theatre’. This program aims for moving beyond such superficial label and explores what is actually at stake with regard to the performative turn of society and personal life.

ENG 30 May, 2011 – Masterclass Laura Cull, on Deleuze and Performance
Theatre Studies and Centre for the Humanities (CfH) of Utrecht University jointly present a Masterclass by Laura Cull, on Deleuze and Performance. It will provide an introduction to the immanent ontology of Gilles Deleuze by way of a discussion of his writing on two key theatre practitioners: the Italian actor and director Carmelo Bene, and Antonin Artaud.

ENG 25-29 May – PSi #17 / Camillo 2.0: Memory, Technology, Experience
The 17th Performance Studies international conference Camillo 2.0 is an initiative of Theatre Studies at Utrecht University and the theatre festival Festival aan de Werf, in cooperation with the Faculty of Theatre at the Utrecht School for the Arts (HKU), taking place in Utrecht. See this page as well.

ENG March 30 – April 3, 2011 – International Community Arts Festival, Rotterdam
Senior Lecturer Eugène van Erven is also artistic director of the International Community Arts Festival in Rotterdam. It is the most important event in this rapidly expanding field in the world. This year’s fifth edition features unique performances of the Australian award-winning performance group Big hART, the indigenous theatre company Debajehmujig from Canada and the Community Theatre Company of the Glasgow Citizens Theatre, all of whom have never been to Holland before. One of the world’s most respected community dance companies, Dance United from England, will also be present at the festival. And there will be film, new media, visual arts, dance, and music by artists from North and South America, Africa and many European countries. See this page as well.
In addition, on April 6, Aboriginal actor Trevor Jamieson will present his solo Ngapartji Ngapartji – One in the Aboriginal Art Museum in Utrecht.

ENG March 24, 2011 – Salons on Hired Bodies & Dancing Nomads, Salon 3: Dance Training and Education
With Gabriel Smeets (director School for New Dance Development), and choreographers Anouk van Dijk and Fabian Barba (Busy Rocks). Salon 3 reflects on the implications of the becoming nomadic of dance from the perspective of the actual physical practice of dance. What are the implications for dance training and education?

ENG February 17, 2011 – Springdance Salon 2: Hired Bodies & Dancing Nomads, with Bojana Cvejic and Liesbeth Groot Nibbelink
Venue / time: 16.00-18.00, U-Theater Studio T, Kromme Nieuwegracht 20, Utrecht.
In Salon 2 the becoming nomadic of dance will be discussed in the context of current cultural transformations. How do new artistic developments reflect new modes of being, thinking and experiencing?

ENG January 20, 2011 – First Salon in the new Springdance Salon: Hired Bodies & Dancing Nomads, this year Susan Foster is the Festival Creative Fellow
Salon 1 – with Stefan Hilterhaus (Director PACT Zollverein, Essen) and Marijke Hoogenboom (professor of Art Practice and Artistic Development at the Amsterdam School of the Arts).
Salon 1 will trace the development and implications of the emergence of new modes of producing dance since the 1980s. How does the emergence of new, nomadic modes of producing dance affect the artistic development of dance makers and performers?