Past Projects

EN ISIS Conference Play / Perform / Participate
In today’s mediatized culture and society, we use media for playing, performing, and participating in artistic practices and also in larger processes of cultural reproduction, social integration and socialization. The aim of the conference Play / Perform / Participate is to discuss the intermedial valences of play, performance, and participation as increasingly intersecting practices.
Spread out over three days, with around 50 panels, the second conference by the International Society of Intermedial Studies will take place at Utrecht University in the Netherlands from the 16th till the 18th of April 2015. The panels address the most important themes and topics in contemporary media cultures in an interdisciplinary way: changing processes of participation and co-creation in politics and culture, the complexity of representations and interactions in a media-saturated environment, and the influence of all kinds of mediators on our interpretation of experiences, our sense of presence and affect.
Keynote speakers Catherine D’Ignazio (MIT Center for Civic Media) and Eric Gordon (Emerson College) introduce their work and research in the field of playful mapping, civic media, and ‘engagement games’.
Keynote performer Jan van den Berg presents HIGGS, a performance about ‘the making’ of the Higgs’ particle.
Keynote performers and artists Karen Lancel and Hermen Maat hook up one of the main topics of the conference—the nature and functioning of new digital urban interfaces—with their ‘haptic’ and interactive installation Saving Face.

The Dutch magazine TheaterMaker payed attention to this conference. You can find the article here.

EN Saturday 30th of May, 2015. SPRING Academy: symposium about Dries Verhoeven
With Wanna Play? SPRING Festival features for the third year in a row a work by theatre maker Dries Verhoeven. A perfect reason to put the spotlight on the oeuvre of this versatile artist and to learn more about his performance and installation works.
During a one-day symposium renowned speakers from the Netherlands and abroad will reflect on Verhoeven’s work. They will discuss the various analogue, digital and embodied sites of spectatorship that are addressed in the artist’s installations and ‘happenings’ in public space. The day will end with a talk about Wanna Play? for which Verhoeven himself will be joining the conversation.
The program is organized in collaboration with Utrecht University and Dries Verhoeven cie. Speakers include Andy Lavender (University of Surrey), Eirini Nedelkopoulou (York St. John University) Maaike Bleeker (Universiteit Utrecht), Rainer Hofmann (SPRING) and Sigrid Merx (Universiteit Utrecht).
Liesbeth Groot Nibbelink (Universiteit Utrecht) will moderate the symposium.

The Young: What Matters?
In February 2015 a conference and symposium for theatre postgraduates took place in Utrecht. This conference mainly constituted a public platform dedicated to critical voices who are at early stages of their research, aiming to facilitate an exchange of thoughts and practices related to performance, performativity, media, and arts and the humanities at large, between international MA students of distinct programmes. Maaike Bleeker (Utrecht University) and Efrosini Protopapa (University of Roehampton) were keynote speakers. Different themes discussed included Bodily Transgressions, Human and their hybrid relations in art, Critical Theory, Performance and Political Systems, Movement as Research, Interdisciplinary Crossings and Issues on Identity. For more information, see here!