Current students

Photo’s: MA Contemporary Theatre, Dance and Dramaturgy, class of 2019-2020.

Hi, I’m Naomi and I am Swedish/American. Before coming to Utrecht, I majored in International Arts and Culture Studies in Rotterdam. I chose this MA program in order to expand my knowledge on dramaturgical strategies within contemporary performance, and am particularly interested in the blurring of boundaries between performance and daily life.

My name is Lara van Lookeren, I’m from Brussels and I did my bachelor Media and Culture here in Utrecht. After my bachelors I did an internship at Dansmakers Amsterdam, a dance production house focused on the development of new choreographic talent in contemporary dance. Parallel to this master I continue to gain further experience at Dansmakers and I hope to get more insight in the other houses that are part of the European Dancehouse Network and in dance dramaturgy.

My name is Babette Kalker, I’m 23 years old and I come from Amsterdam, where I also did my bachelors in Theatre Studies. I am very interested in how the medium of theatre can embody the bigger philosophical, emotional or social questions and in how these can become somewhat tangible through imagination, recognition and the senses.

Hi, my name is Natalia and I am from St. Petersburg. I majored in International journalism studies, and I focused on the indigenous traditions of Māori people in journalism. After graduation, I’ve spent two years mastering the art of tribal dance. Nowadays I am in Utrecht to see whether I can find more tribalistic lifestyle patterns in the modern European discourse of theatre and dance studies/practices and to find my own voice in the cycle of performance art.

My name is Lotte and I’m from the Netherlands. I majored in Art History at Utrecht University. During this master, I wish to explore the field of contemporary performing arts, develop my dramaturgical skills and learn more about curatorship. Also, I’m interested in performances happening outside the theatre and in the interdisciplinary aspects in different art forms.

Hi there! I am Annejon from the Netherlands. I did my bachelor at the Utrecht University in Theatre and Dance studies as part of the BA Media & Culture. I will do the MA part-time trajectory. During the coming two MA years I would like to connect the academic world to my work as a Creative Producer. Probably I will do this through zooming in on the body in relation to performance, in the broadest sense of both words.

My name is Tyler George and I’m originally from Austin, Texas; I studied English and Theatre with a directing focus at Texas State University. Through this MA program I hope to gain insight into contemporary performance in the Netherlands and Europe as a whole, with a specific focus on intermediality and intertextuality.

Kareth Schaffer is a choreographer and performer of Ameri-Dutch origins usually based in Berlin, Germany. She is thrilled to use this MA year to contemplate art-making from the perspective of a dramaturge, particularly focusing on performativities in contemporary theater and dance works.

I am Ewout Ganzevoort, a 25-year old performer, theatre maker and aspiring dramaturg. I studied the Bachelor’s programme Theatre in Education at ArtEZ University for the Arts in Zwolle, after that I realized I was looking for a more intellectual approach to what theatre is or can be. Or what it is all about. This year I want to touch on some of those most basic questions of theatre, while getting to understand the contemporary theatre scene and making some sense of it all.

Hello! My name is Nina and I’m from Bulgaria. I did my Bachelor at the University of Groningen in Arts, Culture and Media. My interest lies in experimental theatre. In this Master’s programme, I would like to develop my dramaturgical skills in order to be competent enough to work in the field of theatre.

Hi, I am Arianne Koeleman from the Netherlands. I earned a bachelor’s degree in Theatre in Education at ArtEZ School of the Arts. In this MA programme, I would mainly like to explore how theatre and society interact and/or influence each other, and how methodologies of theatre studies can be applied in other (academic) fields.

Hi I am Lulu Sorber. I am from a small town near the sea in the south of Holland. I studied Dance- and Musicaltheatre and Theatre Studies in Amsterdam. I started this master because I am interested in the practice of (dance) dramaturgy and researching the relationship between performer and spectator, correlated with the influence of the use of obstacles in our contemporary society in performance.

Polina Fenko – an art historian, a dance artist and a performer based in Saint-Petersburg. Co-founder of an artistic non-profit organisation Studio 4.413 in Saint-Petersburg, a platform for practicing alternative ways of communication between artists, activists, anarchists and feminists, without separation between the private and the public, theory and practice. This master program provides a unique possibility to study performance in an interdisciplinary environment (you can also have classes with professors from Media Studies and Gender Studies programs), which I consider as a great approach to such form of art that is deeply immersed in philosophical, social and political contexts.

Hello! My name is Elise, I have a background in media and culture studies and working experience as a director’s assistant with Dutch collective Adelheid&Zina. Performative installations, participatory performance and spatial dramaturgy are topics that interest me. Hopefully I will gain more knowledge about these art forms and contemporary performing arts in general, to bring it into practice as a dramaturg or maker.

Also in the picture is Du Du You, a RMA Gender Studies student who participates in one of the MA classes.

1819 Class

Photo: MA Contemporary Theatre, Dance and Dramaturgy, class of 2018-2019.

Hello, I am Anna, from Ten Boer (Groningen). I majored in Theatre at Macalester College in Saint Paul(USA). I decided to come to Utrecht, because I wanted to situate myself in Europe again, because of its very vibrant theatre. This master seemed perfect, because it provides the tools to help us do our own research, and is in close connection with the actual working field. We get to talk to artists, watch lots of theatre, and do an internship.

Hi I’m Safa and I’m from Iran. I’ve studied Metallurgical engineering and Filmmaking back home and have been a theater sound designer for quite some time. Now I’m in Utrecht to further my experience in an international environment.

Hi, I am Lena, from Amsterdam. Last year I finished my BA in Media & Culture at the UU, or as I prefer to call it: Theatre and Dance Studies. In the same year, I started working as a producer for theatre on a freelance basis. When I am finished with this MA I desire to be both dramaturg and producer on a freelance basis. Maybe even a combination of both…

Hi I’m Flo from the UK! I graduated from Norwich Art School in 2011, and then went on to become a professional multidisciplinary arts producer working across the arts & performance field. I am now in Utrecht to delve into the world of European contemporary performance, to widen my knowledge of the field and to inspire new projects and collaborations.

I am Iro, I am from Greece and I have a BA in Contemporary Dance and now I’m in UU studying the Contemporary Theatre, Dance and Performance Masters degree. I decided to move in this beautiful city in order to take my career a step further hopefully going from the stage to directing/curating positions in the performing arts and also expanding my academic skills and knowledge.

Hi I am Daan and I am from Amersfoort, the Netherlands. I studied Media en Cultuur at Utrecht University and did an internship at the Dutch Opera. Now I am here to continue working on my dramaturgical insights and to gain a better understanding of the theatre field.

Hello I am Henriëtte, from the Netherlands. I worked as a dance therapist and at LKCA in Utrecht (Centre for Art Education). Currently, I work as a dance/drama teacher at a PABO (Programme for Teaching in Primary Schools). Now I want to focus on dance, theatre and education. Because like Einstein said: “Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.” And so is the main purpose of contemporary performance in my opinion.

Hi, I am Alice. I am from and I live in Brussels. I am here in Utrecht to build a bridge between the studies I did in Literature and the work I do now as a dancer.

My name is Eugenia and I am from Greece. I have studied Philology (BA) at National & Kapodistrian University of Athens and I did my MA on Ancient Greek Theatre at King’s College London. I have chosen this programme because I wanted to explore and learn more about theatre outside of entrenched canons. Works so far!

Hi, my name is Vera and I’m from the small village of Papendrecht. I studied Media and Culture at Utrecht University and I’m now doing this MA because in the future I want to change the way that musical theatre is done in The Netherlands.

Hey! my name is Job and I am Dutch. Before CTDD, I majored in Performance Studies and Art History at University College Utrecht and I have chosen to stay in this beautiful city for this specific program, because I want to discover and explore the field of the contemporary arts, specifically theatre.

Hi, my name is Ieva and I come from Lithuania. In my former studies I focused mostly on local theatre practices so I chose this study program to deepen my knowledge of international theory of the field. Also, I find the interdisciplinary aspects of theatre very interesting so I am looking forward to do research on that during my studies.

Hey! I am Kim from Amsterdam. I studied modern dance and dance theatre at the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg. Since 2012 I have been working as a dancer for several choreographers and makers. Next to that I am following the master in Utrecht to develop my writing, research and dramaturgical skills.

Hello, my name is Neander and I am Dutch. As a theatre and circus scholar, I’m interested in the relation between body, object and space. This unique master’s program and its interdisciplinary approach helps me to broaden my knowledge and experience on an academic level.

Hi! My name is Nina, I am from The Netherlands and studied the Bachelor Theatre, Film and Television Studies here at Utrecht University. I am in this MA program to develop my skills in writing, analyzing and speaking about performances. My interests lies in theatre and performances in the public space. I feel this connects neatly with the field we speak about and I think this master can help me to understand that better.

1718 Class

Photo: MA Contemporary Theatre, Dance and Dramaturgy, class of 2017-2018.

Hi, my name is Anne Smeets and I come from the Netherlands. The reason why I choose to follow this master is to understand better and expand my knowledge about performances and the stage as a phenomenon. Especially the master’s focus on contemporary theatre and dance and recent developments in the field is what supported my decision to choose for this master.

Hi! I am Doris Zijlema, from Amsterdam (that is also where I did my BA Theatre Studies). I chose this master because of my ambition to find my path in contemporary theatre, and because the international character seemed very interesting to me. This has proven itself already: hearing so many opinions of peers with different backgrounds is very valuable to me.

Hi! I’m Anastasia Barka and I’m coming from Greece. I chose this master program because I wanted to expand my knowledge in the contemporary field of performing arts in an international environment.

Hi! I am Merith Smals from The Netherlands. First I studied theatre teacher in the school of arts ArtEZ. After this study I choose this master because I am interested in the relationship between the theoretical approaches and performances. How the theoretical approaches could work and could be explored in performances and practical research and vice versa.

Hello! My name is Eva van der Weerd, I live in Amsterdam where I did my Theatre Studies BA. I chose this MA because of the focus on contemporary theatre and the international atmosphere. I hope to expand my dramaturgical skills and my knowledge about the European theatre landscape.

Hi, I am SaskiaJoensen, I am Danish, and I’m an exchange student in this master – I chose this master as I find it interesting how performance has an impact on society, and the other way around. It fits perfectly with my master in Performance Design back home, and provides me with new and interesting views on what a performance can be.

Hey, my name is Benthe Leenders, I am from the Netherlands and I studied BA Theatre, Film and Television Studies here at Utrecht University. I chose this MA program to further develop academic skills in analyzing and writing, and because I like the way of teaching and learning at Utrecht University, with a lot of attention for the practical aspects and for life after your studies.

Hello my name is Iris Matters, I studied Theatre, Film and Television Studies at Utrecht University. In this MA it is my personal goal to not only learn more about theatre but also to develop my skills in writing and talking about theatre in such a way that it can be productive and helpful in the field of the arts.

Hello, my name is Anastasia Polychronidou and I am from Greece. I chose this MA degree in order to broaden my horizon around contemporary theatre and dance dramaturgy.

Hi, my name is Rodia Vomvolou and I am from Greece. I chose this programme because I expect this programme will allow me to expand my knowledge and challenge my thinking specifically in the field of experimental theatre and contemporary dance dramaturgy.

I am Sandra Besseas, Erasmus student from France. I am doing an MA in Film Studies but I chose some Theatre & Performance courses to learn more about the various and complex ways one can express oneself. It also helps me in challenging my perception and knowledge of art and its production.

Hi my name is Teodora Cascerade, I am from Bucharest, Romania. I chose this MA programme because I think it will provide me with knowledge about contemporary artistic environments and the tools to better understand it.

Hello I am Berta Cusso and I am from Barcelona. I chose this MA to be able to understand and enrich my knowledge about current contemporary theatre and dance performances, with the aim of directing my career into a better and confident position regarding theatre making.

Hello I am Anne Shalo and I am from Oak Park, outside of Chicago. I chose this Master’s programme because it is one of a kind (in the sense that as a dancer wanting to become more educated in the theatre world, this has it all). UU is located in the heart of a lively contemporary theatre and dance scene, which has already opened so many doors for me. It is a well-rounded program that emphasizes theories and concepts but also values the process and hands on work, the practical side. This program also offers students freedom to explore what they are truly interested in, allowing us to drive our own direction which for me is dance production, choreography and dramaturgy. And the staff are splendid, intelligent, caring, and truly want to help us find our way.

My name is Nadine Westveer de Mul, I am originally from England. I took this Masters so that I could apply my experiences in theatre making and experimental theatre to the performance scene happening in The Netherlands. Analysing performance in The Netherlands in a philosophical and contextual manner, communicating with artists that are at the forefront of the field and participating with the ongoing research that encompasses these practices.

Hi I am Tomás Montes from Chile. I seek in this Masters theoretical tools and research methodologies that will be useful both for the academic field and practical artwork concerning contemporary theatre. It has surely been very mind-opening and thought provoking! I am deeply grateful to be here.