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MA CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, DANCE AND DRAMATURGY                                               at Utrecht University

Focus on expanding performance and interdisciplinary dramaturgy

Our profile

Since the world is becoming a stage with ever-increasing rates of intensity, this begs the question of how we can critically assess its staging strategies. Now that politics has become a spectacle, reality a show and identity a DIY-kit, theatre and dance are highly relevant fields of expertise and expand their sphere of influence. In this Master’s program, you will learn how contemporary theatre, dance and performance provide us with many tools and concepts to make sense of this all, due to their practices of making meaning, designing experience, framing reality, staging narratives or constructing spectatorship. Contemporary performance radically breaks with disciplinary borders and invites us to re-adjust our lenses and sharpen our pens. This program teaches you how to do that. You will learn how to investigate the dramaturgy of public space or the scenography of social media, how to write about relations between movement & criticality or between performance & visuality. We look at theatre as a laboratory, where artists and audiences jointly explore how to respond to societal and ecological challenges, how to think through bodies, how to relate to objects or machines, how to move together, in sum, how to use theatre and dance as constructive thinking tools.

Our programme

Fully taught in English, this Master’s programme approaches theatre and dance as intermedial and interdisciplinary phenomena. You will get acquainted with state-of-the-art theory, yet we are also actively oriented towards the practice of theatre and dance. Our programme is deeply engaged with the performing arts in the Netherlands and Flanders, internationally regarded as forerunners of the exciting new trends that emerge on the European stage. Through performance visits, after-talks and discussions with makers, we provide you with lots of opportunities to actually see the work that inspires our interdisciplinary programme. The practical orientation is further exemplified by the focus on dramaturgy, an internship in the second semester, a studio week and the many opportunities to meet with practitioners. These are built-in components within the programme and closely related to the staff’s expansive network. The programme comprises two semesters, the first widens the scope of your knowledge and experience, the second focuses on individual specialisation. In this webinar we inform you in detail about the programme!

This programme welcomes both Dutch and international students as well as arts professionals who wish to enrich their practice through academic research. The academic DNA of our MA students preferably consists of reflexivity, curiosity, open-mindedness, commitment, initiative and affinity with writing.

Explore performance in-between theatre, dance and the visual arts

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After graduation, you are able to:

  • Render a critical analysis of theatre, dance and performance productive for a variety of ends.
  • Situate trends in the performing arts in the context of larger societal events.
  • Use theatre, dance and performance knowledge for in-depth reflection on artistic work and contemporary issues and debates.
  • Engage professionally with artistic making processes, by inspiring that process through critical analysis, constructive feedback and professional dialogue.
  • Articulate your thoughts and observations in a precise and committed manner, both orally and in writing.
  • Translate your knowledge to others, in a variety of presentation formats.
  • Employ these skills in the areas of dramaturgy, programming and curating, education, critical writing and art criticism, creative producing, and more!

Check out how some of our graduates use their knowledge and expertise in the professional field! They share their stories in this short video.


The latest date by which we can receive and process your application is June 1, but we recommend that you apply as early as possible.

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