About us

We explore current theatre and dance practice by posing questions. Why this, why here, why now, and for what purpose? What constitutes research into dance and theatre practices? What does ‘analysis’ mean in this context? How can our work contribute to the ongoing development of performance practice and research? What can theatre tell us about society? How can it inform and shape society? What does it mean to place theatre an dance in cultural-historical context? At the most fundamental level, hoe can we understand what we see?

We approach these questions within the context of current societal and theoretical developments. All theatre is interdisciplinary, and this is perhaps particularly true of contemporary practices, which are often inextricably linked with the media that shape our current reality. Many contemporary performance modalities extend beyond the theatre’s walls to inject themselves into our daily lives. Meanwhile the performing arts as well as daily life are subject to transformations either created or influenced by local, international and global developments. All of this demand a research approach that considers theatre and dance as intermedial phenomena, and addresses the interrelationships between these phenomena, the audience and the socio-cultural context.

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