See Me, Feel Me, Think Me: The Body of Semiotics

In this NWO (VENI) sponsored research project, Maaike Bleeker works towards a ‘fleshing out’ of ‘the subject of semiotics’ (Kaja Silverman) using the theatre as a ‘theoretical object’ with which to explore the embodied aspects of experience and meaning-making. As part of this project, she edited an issue of Parallax (#46: Installing the Body, February 2008), organized four Soirees on Synaesthesia (Feb.-March 2006, for a report on these events see: The Senses & Society, vol 1, issue 3, Nov 2006, 405-408) and an international conference The Anatomical Theatre Revisited, and edited and published Anatomy Live. Performance and the Operating Theatre (Amsterdam University Press 2008). This book takes the Renaissance Anatomical Theatre as a cultural-historical perspective both for questions of embodied meaning making and for the complicated relationship between the theatre (and by extension, theatricality) and truth, knowledge and science within the cultural context of modernity.

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