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Maaike Bleeker’s research first focused on the mediations of theatre and performance as apparatuses of vision. This has resulted in the first book- length study in English on visuality in the theatre (Visuality in the Theatre, Palgrave, 2008), which examines the mediations of these apparatuses in relation to the context of western modernity. The book argues that visuality is an embodied experience involving more than the optical senses and this experience has to be understood from the relationship between someone seeing and that which is seen.
Two interconnected lines of research have emerged from this initial research. One engages with the embodied character of perception and cognition (See Me, Feel Me, Think Me: The Body of Semiotics). The concept of corporeal literacy emerged from this project. Corporeal literacy is also a key concept in the UU contribution to the Inside Movement Knowledge research project. The second line of research engages with the complicated relationship between the theatre (and by extension, theatricality) and truth, knowledge and science within the cultural context of modernity. In a number of articles, Prof. Bleeker has argued for the potential of theatre and theatricality as a ‘critical vision machine’ providing us with critical tools for analysis of media culture, politics, spectatorship, censorship and the arts (see also Grenzen aan de Verbeelding?). Additional research interests are new dramaturgy, contemporary dance, creation processes (Transdisciplinaire Maakprocessen) and the intersection of theatre, performance and visual arts.

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