Movement, performativity and interaction are also key to the rapidly growing area field of social robots, in particular to the design of human-robot interaction. Bleeker’s article “From Braitenberg’s Vehicles to Jansen’s Beach Animals: Towards an Ecological Approach to the Design of Non-Organic Intelligence” looks at Theo Jansen’s beach animals as model for robot design, in particular with regard to the relationship between movement, environment and intelligence. Available via this link.

The book Transmission in Motion. The Technologizing of Dance edited by Maaike Bleeker (Routledge 2016) looks at projects by well-known choreographers and dance collectives like William Forsythe, Siohban Davis, Merce Cunningham, Emio Greco | PC, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Steve Paxton, Wayne McGregor, and BADco, to show the significance of these projects in the context of current debates on the multi-media archive, immaterial cultural heritage and copyright, embodied cognition, education and the knowledge society. Inaugurating a new area for dance archives, education, research and creation, these projects also draw attention to the intimate relationship between the technologies we use and how we perceive, make sense and think.

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