Danswetenschap in Nederland
Liesbeth Wildschut is co-editor of this series of volumes, which appear every two years. The aim of the series is to give an overview of recent dance research in The Netherlands. The volume includes recent research, PhD research in preparation and MA theses which were completed in the past two years. 

Dutch Society of Dance Research
Liesbeth Wildschut is Chair of this society, a platform for people active in or interested in dance research. There is a yearly seminar, with topics such as cultural diversity in dance; PhD research projects; dance dramaturgy; dance education; students’ reflection on dance academies; and the dance maker as researcher.

Dance and dramaturgy
Liesbeth Wildschut is involved in the development of collaborative possibilities between Dance Studies and the dance practice in the Netherlands.

VSCD Dance Jury (The Swans)
Liesbeth Wildschut is member of the selection committee for the most prestigious dance awards in the Netherlands.

BIT Dansdramaturgenoverleg Utrecht
Liesbeth Wildschut initiated a study group of dance dramaturges with the goal of sharpening the profession of dance dramaturgy by exposing scholars to practice. See also