Liesbeth Wildschut

Liesbeth’s research and teaching field is dance. Since 1995, she has lectured in dance history, dance theory and dance dramaturgy. She graduated from the Fontys Dance Academy in 1973. As a dancer and choreographer she was involved in performances for young children. The subject of her 2003 doctoral dissertation was children’s experience of theatrical dance performances. Her main research interests include emotional and physical involvement strategies of people watching dance performances. She is also involved in the development of dance dramaturgy. She initiated the BIT study group on dance dramaturgy (see Projects) and she plays an active role in the collaboration between Utrecht University, dance academies and the professional field.
Liesbeth is Chair of the Dutch Society for Dance Research and co-editor of the series Danswetenschap in Nederland. With Jo Butterworth she is editor of Contemporary Choreography: A Critical Reader (Routledge, 2009). Currently Liesbeth is a member of the programming committee of Nederlandse Dansdagen (national dance festival) and member of the jury of VSCD Dansprijzen/Zwanen.