Liesbeth Groot Nibbelink

Liesbeth Groot Nibbelink is Lecturer and Researcher in Theatre Studies. In April 2015, she succesfully defended her PhD Dissertation Nomadic Theatre: Staging Movement and Mobility in Contemporary Performance, for which she earned a cum laude distinction. In this research project, she investigates dynamic performer/spectator relationships and interfaces, focusing on ambulant performances and installations. Drawing on Gilles Deleuze’s nomadology, she employs the concept of ‘nomadic theatre’ to explore its potential for researching dynamic constellations of performers, spectators and spaces. Nomadic theatre investigates the quality of encounters; the changing role of the spectator; and the potentialities of lived space in contemporary performance. Nomadic theatre captures movement and mobility while it continues to be a processual concept in itself.

Liesbeth teaches in the BA study programme Media and Culture Studies and in the MA Contemporary Theatre, Dance and Dramaturgy; she is the coordinator of the MA Contemporary Theatre, Dance and Dramaturgy and she is tutor of both BA and MA students. Her areas of interest include performance and the public space, the dramaturgy of scenography and site-specific theatre, intermediality, and performativity in presenting academic research. In 2013, she co-founded Platform-Scenography (see projects). Previously she worked as a dramaturge, assistant-director and dramaturgy teacher.