PSi Manifesto Lexicon (ongoing) 

Georgelou is co-editor of the ongoing PSi online platform ‘Manifesto Lexicon’, which aims to create a multi-lingual lexicon as a manifesto for critical discourse, multiplying our perspectives and understandings of what Performance Studies is through regional perspectives.



Dramaturgy ‘at work’ (2014-2015)

A two-year project together with dr. Efrosini Protopapa and dr. Danae Theodoridou, ‘Dramaturgy at Work’ consists of and develops through a series of workshops and roundtable discussions that approach dramaturgy from different perspectives. These are taking place all over Europe in 2014 and 2015, and will lead, in 2016, to a book provisionally titled Dramaturgy at Work: Artistic Encounters as Sites of Social Imaginaries.



The Young: Postgraduate Symposium (2014-2015)

Georgelou was co-curator of two international symposia that consitute a platform dedicated to critical voices that are in the early stages of their research. These symposia have so far taken place at the University of Groningen and at Utrecht University and are organized by and consisted of MA students. It is a collaboration between Utrecht University, University of Groningen, ArtEZ Master of Theatre Practices, University of Roehampton, Justus Liebig University of Giessen, University of Antwerp. This project will continue.



Gathering: Inventing Futures – Artistic Research with/in Educational Institutions (2013)
The ArtEZ Master of Choreography together with Bertha Bermudez/ICKamsterdam in a 2-days gathering critically question and explore diverse approaches and understandings of artistic research on behalf of institutions and of artists and theorists. Georgelou is co-curator of this event.



Syros – a bet on the potentiality of cooperation (2013)

An eight-days encounter in Syros, Greece, between international performance scholars and artists aiming towards the publication of the book. Rather than centering on a specific theme, it was proposed that the book is produced through a coming together of a group of individual writers (who propose their own distinct themes and writing practices) and is the result of specific conditions of sharing time and space in Syros. Georgelou curated this encounter together with dr. Efrosini Protopapa and dr. Danae Theodoridou.


The Art of Lawlesness (2012-2015) 

Georgelou was co-initiator of a series of encounters, debates and events that have taken place in Athens, Amsterdam and Berlin, aiming to explore artistic, activist and political practices that operate at the borders of the Law. The hypothesis was that the constitution of the law demands a performative, interpretative and violent act (coup de force). Against this backdrop, we investigated practices that negotiate the borderlines and margins of law and the possibilities for action. Guests included political philosophers, artists, psychiatrists, activists, lawyers and criminologists. Georgelou is co-editor of the publication The Art of Lawlessness (2015).



PSi Regional Research Cluster ‘Encounters in Synchronous Time’ (2011)

Georgelou was one of the curators of this research cluster that took place in Athens, Greece. Problematizing the notions of ‘contemporaneity’ and ‘synchronicity’ in regional and international artistic contexts, it consisted of panels, experimental presentation formats and discussion between international and Greek performing arts scholars and practitioners.



Symposium ‘Communi(cat)ion of Crisis’ (2011)

Panel discussions, lectures, installations, performances and workshops took place in Nafpaktos, Greece, during this Symposium that Georgelou co-curated as founding member of the ‘Institute for Live Arts Research’. Drawing focus on the notions of community, communication and crisis, it additionally activated a ‘different’ network of spaces across the city of Nafpaktos.