Guido Jansen

Guido Jansen is a junior teacher within the BA Media and Culture Studies at Utrecht University. Jansen teaches in a variety of fields, such as theatre and dance history, dramaturgical analysis, intermediality, sociology of the arts and gender studies. He acquired his MA degree in Theatre Studies in 2013, following his BA degree in Theatre, Film and Television Studies, both at Utrecht University.

Next to his work in education, Jansen is also engaging with a reflective side of theatre and performance practice. In April 2015 Jansen was the coordinator of the conference Play / Perform / Participate from the International Society for Intermedial Studies. In spring 2014 Jansen was involved with executing the SPRING Academy, a reflective program of workshops and performances for young professionals within the performing arts, as part of the SPRING Performing Arts Festival. Currently, Jansen is associated with the Platform Scenography, an initiative that is looking to develop tools and language to capture scenography and scenographic practices.

Jansen, G.R.J. “Media rhythm doesn’t have the time for in-depth examinations.” Thesis, Utrecht University, 2013. You can find it here.