Eugene van Erven

Eugene van Erven is Professor in Media, Performance and the City and teaches and coordinates the module ‘Community Art: Practice and Theory’ in the department of Media and Culture Studies at Utrecht University. He holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Vanderbilt University (USA, 1985). Before joining the staff of Utrecht’s Theatre Studies he worked at the Instituto Pedagogico Arubano (2004-2006), founded and coordinated the Theatre program of Utrecht University College (1999-2004), was a lecturer in American Studies (1988-1998), and worked as a post-doc in Theatre Studies at Victoria University in Wellington (New Zealand).

Eugene is the artistic director of The International Community Arts Festival. Surf to for the latest information on the program.  The next edition of ICAF will take place between 27 March and 2 April 2017. Eugene has just completed a photo book and film documentary about ICAF-VI, entitled ICAF in the Picture (Rotterdams Wijktheater 2015). Besides ICAF, Eugene is also leading researcher of the Sharing Arts Lab (SAL), a subdivision  of the Sharing Arts Society (SAS). SAS is involved in developing partnerships and original participatory arts projects that have as a central motto: the value of human life in the city of the future. SAS is involved in the cultural program of the ‘Grand Départ’ of the Tour de France, which in 2015 departs from Utrecht. SAS is also responsible for the creation and production of the annual Saint Martin’s Parade, a large scale moving site-specific even in Utrecht. Eugene serves on the editorial board of Research in Drama Education: the Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance. As a researcher Eugene is best known for his work on Western and Asian political theatre and on community art. He is interested in artistic methodology, ethics, validation, and social impact of the arts in general and community performance in particular.