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Our Department focuses on contemporary theatre and dance as intermediate, interdisciplinary, intercultural and international. Our areas of research focus are: dance; the theory and practice of dramaturgy; community arts; the impact of technology on contemporary performance practice; questions of embodiment and corporeality; and the relationships between the performing arts and the visual culture.
This website describes our Departmental activities. It also reflects our evolving understanding of contemporary practice as one of hybrid projects that both respect and erase the borders of and between theatre, dance, visual arts, music, media and daily life.

EN WhyTheatre XL! Playful Participation: lecture and workshop around the work of Rimini Protokoll, 10th and 11th of November
We are proud to welcome the renowned theatre collective Rimini Protokoll as guests of our new edition WhyTheatre XL! Taking Rimini Protokoll’s artistic work as starting point, we will discuss the relation between theatre and games, the way ludic elements and structures can be deployed in theatre to engage the audience and to address actual social issues (e.g. climate change, data surveillance, Europe). The program consists of a public lecture (10th of November) and a workshop (11th of November) and will address both the larger context of today’s participatory culture’ and the dramaturgical implications of incorporating ludic elements in performance.

Thursday, 10th of November, 19:30-21:30hrs, Het Huis, Boorstraat 107, Utrecht
Lecture by Stefan Kaegi (theatre maker) and Imanuel Schipper (dramaturg) of Rimini Protokoll about several projects in which games, ludic elements and ludic structures play a role (Situation Rooms, Home Visit Europe, World Climate Conference, and Top Secret). What do game strategies have to offer? What are the possibilities, but also the limitations? What are the implications for the creative making process?

We have asked three guests to respond to the lecture on the basis of their expertise and to present Rimini Protokoll with a (critical) question. The respondents are: Joost Raessens (Professor in Media Theory, UU with a focus on ‘the ludification of culture’); Marcel Dolman (Head Education Interactive Performance Design) and Emke Idema (theatremaker, in 2014 she created RULE, a performance designed as a game)

Tickets are €7,50. Free entrance for students from HKU and UU, upon showing their student card.

Friday, 11th of November, 12:00-17:00hrs, Location: tba
Hands-on workshop for students/alumni from the field of theatre studies, dramaturgy, scenography, game studies, game design and interactive design. Interdisciplinary groups will work on a concrete dramaturgical problem concerning the use of ludic elements and game structures in performance. The problem is derived from Rimini Protokoll’s actual practice and will be introduced by the artists. Each group will develop an answer to the presented problem and present their proposal to Rimini Protokoll.

Participating in this workshop is for free. However, the available places for this workshop are limited. Selection is based on the order of signing up and the right mix of expertise. You can register for this workshop till Thursday the 3rd of November at marijn.lems@hethuisutrecht.nl. indicating in the subject line: workshop Rimini Protokoll. Please mention in the email your first name and surname and the school or program you are enrolled in. You will be informed no later than Monday the 7th if you can participate.

The WhyTheatre?! collaborative program of Het Huis Utrecht and Theatre Studies / Utrecht University will continue this season as WhyTheatre XL! The WhyTheatre XL! are extended editions that focus on actual and relevant topics in contemporary theatre and performance, building connections between theory and practice. This Why Theatre XL! edition is financially supported by Residencies in Utrecht (City of Utrecht), MCW Expertise Centre (Utrecht University), Professorship Performative Processes (HKU) and Master Scenography (HKU).

NL Stage TheaterDramaturgie.Bank
De TheaterDramaturgie.Bank wordt vernieuwd! Stage lopen aan de universiteit, bij Liesbeth Groot Nibbelink, meehelpen de bank vernieuwen, bijdragen aan de inhoud van de bank (interviews houden met dramaturgen!) en onderzoek doen naar dramaturgen en de processen waarbij ze betrokken zijn? Bekijk dan de bijlage.

NL Lezing Sigrid Merx
Op zondag 4 september gaf Sigrid Merx in het kader van de Culturele Zondagen op verzoek van het Studium Generale een lezing over kunst in de stad en hoe kunst in de openbare ruimte de voorbijganger op meer en minder subtiele wijze kan ontregelen. De lezing is hier in z’n geheel te beluisteren.

EN These are our new MA students!

New MA students

Vicky Itsiou I am from Greece and my academic background is in political science. From an early age I have been engaged in the performative arts and the last years I worked as both a performer and a dancer and participated in many projects in my country. I have an interest in all aspects of art and my goal is to discover new ways to merge them together. My research interests are quite diverse and include aspects of spectatorship, intermediality and the use of new media in performance, as well as the merging of theory and practice as a tool to interpret and influence artistic practices. During the programme I hope to actively contribute in creative processes from a dramaturgical perspective and have the opportunity to meet new artists and get to know their various approaches and methodologies towards the creation of new material.

Chloe Calvet I studied in France photography for fours years and then documentary film for one year. I wrote a thesis on links between visual arts and performing arts and how a light-, photo- or video-projection can provoke thoughts or movements for a dancer, an actor or a member of the audience.

Nadine Grinberg I come from Bulgaria, I did my Bachelors in Performing Arts in Paris and then came to live (and perform) in the Netherlands. I am interested in site-specific performance, dance and interdisciplinary creative processes.

Nicole van der Wilt I am from Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and I study Contemporary theatre, dance and dramaturgy in Utrecht because of the broad use of the theatre concept on all aspect of society. Before I got into the master I did a bachelor degree in Human Geography and Planning (Geoscience) also in Utrecht. During my bachelor I came into contact with theatre studies because of the freedom I had in my bachelor for doing courses outside my own faculty and my passion for going to the theatre made me decide to follow theatre courses. My interest within theatre is foremost in musical but the theatre courses made me open up to more theatre companies and -genres, like Orkater and Toneelgroep Oostpool. Other interesting subjects are related to my bachelor, like the function of the theatre building in cities or society.

Javier López Piñón Career in opera with a special attention to early music and new work. Head of drama at Dutch National Opera Academy from 1999 – retirement june 2016. Music Theatre teacher at Regie-opleiding Theaterschool Amsterdam University of the Arts) 2002-2015. Fields of interest: New multidisciplinary (music)theatre/opera. West-African theatre (Théâtre Populaire, Concert Party, contemporary playwrighting) and traditional rituals/ceremonies. Research into how contexts (sociological, spatial) influence audience perception of performances.

Marieke Buytenhuijs Hello! I am 24 years old and originally from a small city in Noord-Holland called Alkmaar. During my high school I did dance academy at the Amsterdam School of the Arts (AHK) and after graduating I started studying Theatrestudies and French culture and language at University of Amsterdam. In 2014 I did an Erasmus in Paris at Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle which was an amazing experience! At Utrecht University I would like to explore the field of dance dramaturgy, besides I would love to research how dance and technology can be combined and what are the consequences of such a collaboration. I hope I can do my internship at a dance company in France, in this way I can combine my two passions: dance and France, and it rhymes, how great!

Juriaan Achthoven Netherlands. Background in theatre, education, physical acting. Currently interested in aesthetic experience and new media.

Ia Tanskanen-Paavola I come from Finland. I did my Bachelor Degree in Performing Arts in Helsinki in 2011. I have gained hands-on experience working as a drama instructor, a performer and a singer-songwriter. The last years I have been working as an educator-innovator of the Physiological Writing Method which is a method that explores the possibilities of the human body and physical exercises in unlocking the creative writing process. At the moment my core interests are the multiple possibilities of dramaturgy, embodiment and interactive theatre.

Lisa Marée I’m from the Netherlands and already have a bachelor’s degree as a primary school teacher and in Media and Culture Studies (previously called Theatre, Film, and Television Studies). My main interests are in the field of dramaturgy and programming. I personnally like repertoire pieces and text-based theatre, but I’m also interested in the broader field of theatre and dance, which I hope to get engaged with this year.

Sunayana Mohanty I am from India, where I completed my post graduation in Journalism & Mass Communication and have been working in the field of non-fiction television programming.  I am interested in the interdisciplinary process of creation and media in performance, especially in dance.