Our Department focuses on contemporary theatre, dance and dramaturgy, both on BA and MA level. This website describes our Departmental activities. It also reflects our evolving understanding of contemporary practice as hybrid projects that both respect and erase the borders between theatre, dance, visual arts, music, (social)media, technology and daily life.


ENG Tuesday December 11th, 16.30hrs presentation and Christmas drinks                       You are warmly invited to our annual Christmas Drinks, preceded by a presentation of Like God in Drag, a work-in-progress by Alice van der Wielen and Anna Heuer Hansen. Alice is one of our current MA students! The event takes place in our newly re-opened theatre at Kromme Nieuwegracht 20 Utrecht

16.30hrs Presentation Like God in Drag including a brief after-talk                                      17.30hrs Christmas drinks

Like God in Drag                                                                                                                                      Inspiring or cheesy? Contemporary image culture thirsts for authenticity. What makes one thing fake and the other one true? Anna Heuer Hansen and Alice Van der Wielen research the tension and co

nfusion between what is genuine and what is not.

Anna Heuer Hansen and Alice Van der Wielen met in Brussels. Anna graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp and preferably works with improvisation. Alice is an artistic and intellectual centipede, who transitioned from literary studies to contemporary dance and now studies the Master in Theatre, Dance and Dramaturgy at Utrecht University. Their research has taken them to residencies in De Grote Post (Ostend), Bains Connective (Brussels), Cité International des Arts (Paris), and workspacebrussels and Destelheide (Dworp).

On the 24th of November they will perform a muted version of their work, Like God in drag – muted, at MUTE Festival in Ghent.

Choreography and performance Anna Heuer Hansen & Alice Van der Wielen Dramaturgical guide Julie Van der Wielen Coach Benjamin Vandewalle Outside eye Laurent Delom de Mézerac Scenography Beatrijs Noppe Costumes Miguel Peñaranda Omeda

ENG  Transmission in Motion Seminar 2018-19: Experiment/Experience
“Have we forgotten experience?” wonders Scott Lash (Experience, 2018). If this is so, we are currently witnessing a comeback with a vengeance. New forms of research and communication explore and experiment with various dimensions of experience. Art and science meet in experimental approaches that foreground sensation, substance and practice. Technological developments “expand the sensible” (Mark Hansen) beyond human experience, challenging the centrality of human experience and raising the question of the relationship between human experience, technological agents and data. Critical thinkers  from a diversity of backgrounds (including media, archaeology, new materialism, post-phenomenology, radical empiricism, human geography and embodied cognition) unpack aspects of the intimate relationship between experience and knowing and point to meaning as material practice of experience.

The Transmission in Motion Seminar is a more-or-less monthly gathering of researchers and students from across disciplines.  RMA Students can acquire 3 EC if they attend all meetings and write blogposts after each meeting. See also the website.

Here some information about the next two seminars:

13 December 2018 (15-17h): Prof. dr. Nathalie Sinclair (Simon Fraser University): “Multiplication as Experience: Whitehead, aesthetics and gesture-based, touchscreen technology.” Place: Grote Zaal, Kromme Nieuwegracht 2

23 January 2019 (15-17h): Prof. dr. Tim Ingold (University of Aberdeen) title tba. Place: Parnassos Bar, Kruisstraat 201.

ENG  Meet our new MA class in Contemporary Theatre, Dance and Dramaturgy
The new MA students gradually get settled. Next to the regular courses we have visited performances by Urland, Theater Rotterdam, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoi, Gob Squad, Dead Centre, Ahilan Ratnamohan/Starboys Collective and had artist talks with Julian Hetzel and Marjolijn van Heemstra.

Meet our new MA students!

NL Stagiairs dramaturgiedatabase gezocht!
De  Dramaturgy Database is de nieuwe dramaturgiedatabase van de UU, opvolger van Theaterdramaturgie.Bank. Stage lopen aan de universiteit, bij Liesbeth Groot Nibbelink, meehelpen de nieuwe database gestalte te geven, bijdragen aan de inhoud van de database (interviews houden met dramaturgen!) en onderzoek doen naar dramaturgen en de processen waarbij ze betrokken zijn? Neem dan contact op met Liesbeth Groot Nibbelink.

Daarnaast is er een studentenredactie (op dit moment is de redactie volledig bezet). De redactie komt één keer per maand bijeen om teksten voor de database te bespreken en te selecteren,  en voorziet bestaand materiaal van beschrijvingen en aanvullende informatie. Zou jij je graag meer willen verdiepen in theater- en dansdramaturgie en wat praktijkervaring toe willen voegen aan je opleiding door stage te lopen? Stuur dan een mail naar database [at] theatrestudies.nl.

NL Interview met Isis Germano
Onze oud-collega Isis Germano heeft bij Studium Generale aan ArtEZ een interessante workshop gegeven over identiteit en gender in een veranderende wereld. Ze is ook geïnterviewd, en dat kun je hieronder terugkijken: